Ara Ara, hihihi

And another picture inspired by my awesome trip to the zoo. They didn't have aras to be honest, but some other kinds of parrots. But I love, love, looooove these colorful beauties. They make me dream of far away jungles, tropical fruits, wonderful flowers and sunshine. It's already July and the weather here is just BAD. And if the heavens aren't willing to send me some sunshine, then I have to get some myself. ^^

Mini Sketchbook

My new mini sketchbook (A5). It's just for boredom sketching when I don't want to waste my good paper. Also pencil looks a lot better on this kind of paper since it's a little thicker and has more structure. Hu well,... It's definitely nothing big and not my best either. It's just for relaxing a little and my new anti-artblock-campaign. ;)


Out of boredom

I've been to the Tierpark Hagenbeck (the famous zoo of Hamburg) last week. The tropical aquarium is SO worth visiting.