rit's Sketchbook Vol.13 - Nocturnal Silence Special

And even more sketches! I've been drawing my OC Aurore of my Started-Years-Ago-But-Never-Continued much loved Manga "Nocturnal Silence" again. I've been thinking about the story a lot and I really want to start over again and this time not stop after 6 pages. Anyways, here's the re-design of Aurore's outfit. Though I'm planning to change some details, for example the belt, skirt and shoes. But all in all this is it:

My Aurore when she was a child. I really need to practise drawing kids. I don't like her face yet.

I also re-designed my second OC which I used to call Rabi. But I don't like the name anymore, and I prefer his new look.

And some sketches of another OC. She's nameless and I'm not sure if I will add her to the story and if she'll be a side- or a main-character. Maybe she will make an appearance somewhen during the story as a unsuccessfull healer who makes everything worse instead of better.

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