After several visits at the orthopaedic specialist and an MRT scan, I finally found out the reason for my shoulder pain: Slipped disk in my neck. I really didn't expect it was something so severe, but it was. Now I got two injections to the incarcerated nerve under a CT and I'm fine. Yay! I could finally draw again (although it was still a bad idea; the pain came back a little after I finished the coloration).

It may not look like it, but the coloring was so annoying.
But let's start with the sketch first. It's an old sketch of a picture I drew of my Ragnarok Online gypsy, but never finished. Saturday I woke up and just felt like finally drawing a fanart of one of the new classes. Since arc bishop and wanderer are the only classes I can stand, the choice which one to pic wasn't too hard.

I made some other sketches of possible poses first, but I didn't like them too much. Then I remembered I still had this one lying around somewhere, which I always liked a lot.

I spent a lot of time on the lineart, and I'm pretty satisfied with it for a change. I even cleaned it up in photoshop this time, what I almost never do. But I wanted it to become more perfect than usual. And then....... I messed up the coloring.

I even had to throw away another half finished coloration because I picked the wrong color for the golden balls. On the second try, I realized 4 copics I needed for this picture died on me and I had to improvise with other ones. Then I was nearly finished, but wasn't content with the blue-white hair which didn't come out on the blue-white wings, so I made the wings darker and used too much opaque white pen on the hair and completely messed it up. It made me realize that it was a bad idea to stick to my gypsy's colortheme, just because I was curious how she would look like as a wanderer and then decided to redo the hair in blonde. Thanks to my mother for giving birth to me in the century of computers and Photoshop! I fused them together, and what came out you already saw above.
I'm just still not really satisfied with the end result, just because I had something nicer in mind when I finished the lineart. I should probably color it again, but with Photoshop this time.

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  1. Sooo... It's been some time since I've heard from you. You're not even on msn and I'm not gonna stalk you on facebook ~ so you might wanna pop up sometimes in the A town. I've been keeping your stool warm for you :p Plus the community is seriously missing some common sense lately and it drives me nuts. Anyways, stop being dead on the internet and let me know how you've been.