Weeping Lily Meadow Lineart

I'm really diligent the last few days. I just finished this lineart I worked on since yesterday, after coloring the picture below. And it's not only a big surprise that this picture actually isn't just some char in some pose with no meaning, it even has a background and is DIN A3 size instead of A4. What's wrong with me? Hehehe. ;D

I was thinking about my pictures again and why I can't be proud of them. And the answer is simple:
Because I do not draw real pictures (just characters). I do not draw anything with a meaning. I do not draw backgrounds. I do not draw anything happening. Just characters. Which aren't even my own. It's just Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Online and even more Ragnarok Online. Yes, sure, most stuff is for Heavenly Maiden RO where I'm an admin, but this shouldn't keep me from doing something like my Hobbit pictures again.
So... Here I go and just do it for once!

I took some pictures with my mobile cam during the process by the way. The quality is low but probably it's still interesting for you to see.

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