And it's finished! Though the quality still isn't any better, I took some pictures with my mobile cam again while painting.
I probably should save money for a good digital camera.

I was a bit scared of ruining the picture, so I made some colorkeys first. The upper one wasn't quite what I imagined, so I gave up on that right away and made a second one. I was quite satisfied with it and used the colortheme for the final version.

Oh, and that's my working space btw. Nothing spectacular as you can see. Just a regular (and a bit too small) desk, copics, pens, my pc, scanner, lamps and that's it. I don't get how so many teenies are able to have more copics than I do, have drawing boards and sometimes even light tables, and all that in their bedroom. Did everyone except me have stinking rich parents?

Hehe, just kidding. ;)

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