Happy Birthday, Cryy!

This is a picture for our GM and friend, Cryy. Happy 19th Birthday! It's a fanart of his Stalker from Ragnarok Online with Incarnation Samurai, Gloom under Night and Moonlight Flower, the 3 MVP he found cards from. :O In just 1 year and at 0,1% dropchance. That's really impressive.

The picture is in A3 size again and colored with Copic Markers. Was a lot of work and took me about 2 days. But I'm really proud for once how it turned out. Was hard for me to part from it, but now it's on its way to England
and into Mark's hands. :) Take good care of it, sweety!
And again sketches of it and a colorkey:

And not to forget some handyshots of the WIP. My kitty helped a lot too! The little tiger ran over the picture a few times and almost snapped it when he tried to get onto my lap. I'm still surprised he didn't try to sleep on it. ;D

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  1. I like Copics!!!
    Great Illustrations by the way!!!