Those items and chars below were part of a job application. I got a refusal because the quality wasn't high enough. I'm angry at myself I didn't do any better than this. I couldn't draw for a few weeks (and those sketchbook posts below are not even half of what I drew... The rest was just so... SO.... Incredibad (yeah, they were so bad, I had to invent a new word for them)).

Guess I can say goodbye to my dream of being a game artist and just go ahead and stay a webdesigner. Why must being an illustrator be so damn hard?
There's almost no way to avoid being a freelancer, and I just don't have the character to be one. I'd always be scared of being unemployed over night, when a company doesn't like my work or just don't need me anymore. Also I'd never charge enough money for my work to pay for my appartment, insurances, pension etc. Damn, I wish I'd have some more guts and just do it.

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