Artthiefs at [censored]?!

Today, I almost couldn't believe my eyes. This week already is my personal week of strange coincidences, but this one almost beats the other one from a few days ago.

Ok, first things first. I'm looking for a new job lately, and because I don't want to look like a tramp when I get invited to a job interview, I had to buy some new clothes. So I drove to Hamburg city and went to H&M, passing [censored] on my way. Usually, I don't buy clothes there, because they're too expensive for my small income, but since I wanted to look good this time and the "fashion" at H&M is hilarious lately, I decided to buy my new outfit at [censored] anyways. This was the first time in over 10 years (!) that I've even entered this store.

And it was a totally "WTF?!"-moment when I found this shirt:

What's so special about this shirt, you ask? This small flower print is stolen! And you know who the original artist is? Yes, it's me!

It was originally a tattoo design I did years ago for a a local tattoo studio.
Back then, I uploaded the picture to my devianART galery (Click here for the image on deviantART). That was my first big mistake. I didn't even put my signature onto the pic because noone looked at my pictures there anyway – my second big mistake.
Since then I had nothing but trouble with this design because it was a big success. None of my other pictures got so many favorites, comments or views. And of course hundreds of people downloaded it, uploaded it elsewhere, got it tattooed and did whatever is possible to do with this picture. Most people don't have a clue about copyright anyways.
An artist automatically has the copyright of his oder her artwork. You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, use or do whatever with a picture without a permission of the artist. Not knowing who the original artist is doesn't allow anyone to go ahead and use pictures for his/her own good. I heard that my design gets tattooed a couple of times on most tattoo conventions, and noone even knows that I'm the original artist! I have no problem with people loving the design and getting it inked, but what really bugs me is that noone even knows who drew this, and even worse, that some asshole-tattoo-studios pretend it's their own work.

But [censored]... That was quite a shock. It's my design so obviously, just a bit alienated, vectored and pretty small, but I recognized it on first sight nonetheless. I can't believe that a big and successful company is paying designers who can't come up with  something on their own and just go ahead and take the work of others. And it's also shocking what they did to my picture, although it's not a big surprise since they won't find it anywhere in the internet in print quality. But in my opinion, it looks horrible.

And just to prove that I am indeed the one and only original artist of this picture, here are a few steps while it was still in progress:

This is the first time I ever posted steps of this anywhere. I still have all steps in their original size (So dear artthiefs, don't even try to think of stealing the steps too. They won't get you anywhere). Gawd, I am SO mad. I wish I could do something about it. I mean, great! [censored] makes money with my design and they will even get away with it, since I'm a noone and since they alienated the design. Good job, [censored]! And thanks for my new job application outfit!


  1. Oh Mann... Und man kann jetzt gar nichts mehr damit machen, weil sie das Design teilweise veraendert haben. Fuck sOliver!>_<

  2. j'adore ce dessin ! =D (C'est marrant, ton blog est rédigé en anglais, l'adresse se finit par .fr et pour les commentaires c'est marqué "1 Kommentare" ^^)
    En tout cas j'aime beaucoup ce genre de graphisme, avec plein de courbes et des jolies fleurs. J'en dessine moi-même, passe sur mon site ça devrait t'intéresser ;)