Artthiefs at [censored]?!

Today, I almost couldn't believe my eyes. This week already is my personal week of strange coincidences, but this one almost beats the other one from a few days ago.

Ok, first things first. I'm looking for a new job lately, and because I don't want to look like a tramp when I get invited to a job interview, I had to buy some new clothes. So I drove to Hamburg city and went to H&M, passing [censored] on my way. Usually, I don't buy clothes there, because they're too expensive for my small income, but since I wanted to look good this time and the "fashion" at H&M is hilarious lately, I decided to buy my new outfit at [censored] anyways. This was the first time in over 10 years (!) that I've even entered this store.

And it was a totally "WTF?!"-moment when I found this shirt:

What's so special about this shirt, you ask? This small flower print is stolen! And you know who the original artist is? Yes, it's me!


HMRO: GM Masqurin

I decided to remake some of them GM pictures for the new Heavenly Maiden RO page, because I couldn't stand them anymore. I did a real bad job for GM Masqurin last time, so he's my first victim. I still wonder why so many guys prefer playing female characters. There must be some advantage I didn't manage to discover yet, even though I AM a girl. Weird.