rit's Sketchbook Vol. 8 or "ritchat in Wonderland"

When I was a child Alice in Wonderland was always my favorite book. I just loved the story, the Disney movie and American McGee's Alice (videogame) so much, especially because of the Cheshire Cat. I always felt like I would fit in there perfectly, since I've never fit in anywhere else. I'm just so different,... In a weird kind of way. D:
Today, I want to show you something really funny:
All the Alice pictures I drew, during the years. At least the ones I kept until I got my first pc and scanner!

Prepare to laugh.

#1. Age 15.

This is also proof for the thesis that everyone can draw. All you need is to have the will to do it and practise, practise and practise some more. Or do you think my so called talent just fell from the sky? No, it didn't. ;)