Happy Birthday, Rod!

So many birthdays lately! This time it's the birthday of a really good friend of Kei and me, Roddl. He stayed over at our place for almost two weeks. We're always having a good time, and when he's leaving, there's always something missing. Anyways, he had his 26th bday on november 30th, and this was one of my presents for him:


Happy Birthday, Cryy!

This is a picture for our GM and friend, Cryy. Happy 19th Birthday! It's a fanart of his Stalker from Ragnarok Online with Incarnation Samurai, Gloom under Night and Moonlight Flower, the 3 MVP he found cards from. :O In just 1 year and at 0,1% dropchance. That's really impressive.

The picture is in A3 size again and colored with Copic Markers. Was a lot of work and took me about 2 days. But I'm really proud for once how it turned out. Was hard for me to part from it, but now it's on its way to England



And it's finished! Though the quality still isn't any better, I took some pictures with my mobile cam again while painting.


Weeping Lily Meadow Lineart

I'm really diligent the last few days. I just finished this lineart I worked on since yesterday, after coloring the picture below. And it's not only a big surprise that this picture actually isn't just some char in some pose with no meaning, it even has a background and is DIN A3 size instead of A4. What's wrong with me? Hehehe. ;D

I was thinking about my pictures again and why I can't be proud of them. And the answer is simple:

Past VS. Present

I always wanted to do a past vs. present comparison. This is a new version of a picture I drew in 2008. Isn't it great to see your own improvement like this? It kinda makes me feel good. ^^



Those items and chars below were part of a job application. I got a refusal because the quality wasn't high enough. I'm angry at myself I didn't do any better than this. I couldn't draw for a few weeks (and those sketchbook posts below are not even half of what I drew... The rest was just so... SO.... Incredibad (yeah, they were so bad, I had to invent a new word for them)).

Guess I can say goodbye to my dream of being a game artist and just go ahead and stay a webdesigner. Why must being an illustrator be so damn hard?


Artthiefs at [censored]?!

Today, I almost couldn't believe my eyes. This week already is my personal week of strange coincidences, but this one almost beats the other one from a few days ago.

Ok, first things first. I'm looking for a new job lately, and because I don't want to look like a tramp when I get invited to a job interview, I had to buy some new clothes. So I drove to Hamburg city and went to H&M, passing [censored] on my way. Usually, I don't buy clothes there, because they're too expensive for my small income, but since I wanted to look good this time and the "fashion" at H&M is hilarious lately, I decided to buy my new outfit at [censored] anyways. This was the first time in over 10 years (!) that I've even entered this store.

And it was a totally "WTF?!"-moment when I found this shirt:

What's so special about this shirt, you ask? This small flower print is stolen! And you know who the original artist is? Yes, it's me!


HMRO: GM Masqurin

I decided to remake some of them GM pictures for the new Heavenly Maiden RO page, because I couldn't stand them anymore. I did a real bad job for GM Masqurin last time, so he's my first victim. I still wonder why so many guys prefer playing female characters. There must be some advantage I didn't manage to discover yet, even though I AM a girl. Weird.


WIP: New HMRO Homepage Layout

I'm currently working on a new layout for Heavenly Maiden RO, cause I'm so sick of our old homepage (which can be found here: HeavenlyMaidenRO.com).
I'd love to animate the new header in flash this time, cause a well designed, unique and professional RO page probably attracts more players, which we really do need.

So here's a small preview, though I might still change a few things cause they're still bothering me.

Of course the new page will get a new header illustration. Here are a few steps of the new heavenly maiden.


Trying something new

Her right arm seems to be a bit off, but I don't care much. The style just turned out so nicely, it was totally fun drawing these two little linearts.


rit's Sketchbook Vol. 8 or "ritchat in Wonderland"

When I was a child Alice in Wonderland was always my favorite book. I just loved the story, the Disney movie and American McGee's Alice (videogame) so much, especially because of the Cheshire Cat. I always felt like I would fit in there perfectly, since I've never fit in anywhere else. I'm just so different,... In a weird kind of way. D:
Today, I want to show you something really funny:
All the Alice pictures I drew, during the years. At least the ones I kept until I got my first pc and scanner!

Prepare to laugh.

#1. Age 15.

This is also proof for the thesis that everyone can draw. All you need is to have the will to do it and practise, practise and practise some more. Or do you think my so called talent just fell from the sky? No, it didn't. ;)


Colored: ritchat

My sniper on Heavenly Maiden RO (@lejeanbaba: Ein Link, nur für dich! ;D )



Usually, I don't post anything I did at work, but I'm quite proud of these icons. They're for the navigation of the shop I'm working for. This was one of the best tasks I've ever had there.



We finally found a new GM for our Ragnarok Online server, GM Cry. And of course he (Nope, he's not a girl) needs an artwork for the homepage too:



Happy New Year...Muahahaa >:D

This is my colleague flatch. Pretty handsome, hu? XD