In loving memory

It's the 12.12. today... The picture below is already 4 years old. It should have been one of my christmas gifts for Flo, but instead I couldn't do anything but put it into his coffin.

In loving memory of Florian Horst.
† 12.12.2005
Rest in peace.
You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.

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Defy the Laws of Tradition - Irreversible (Click to listen)
"When skies turned red we all knew that we have failed protecting you."

Visit Defy on Myspace, they're awesome.

"The death of a very good friend in December 2005 was the founders' triggering motive to start the work on the album „Till Death Us Part“, which was released by HT-Music on 09 May 2009. The process of writing the songs as well as the rehearsals and live shows served as an emotional outlet to cope with the experienced loss and to pay a tribute to an important companion. Every song of this album represents a chapter before, while and after the this tragedy and does not only deal with the most important good – friendship - but also experiences of death and loss."

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